SwitchPas™ Connected Home platform

SwtichPas functional diagram

SwitchPas™ Connected Home



  • Remote Infrastructure management.
  • Remote home management.


  • Control and monitor appliances
  • Energy usage pattern  and other analytics
  • Device state management in the cloud
  • Security
  • User managementnt
  • Asset geo-fencing

SwitchPas™ offerings

  • Connected home device hardware
  • Backend cloud software
  • Android/Web application
  • Convenient Web APIs

SwitchPas™ Lighting

- Control switch from anywhere

- Local(LAN)/Remote(Internet) operating modes

- Scheduling support

- Mood lighting

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SwitchPas™ Connected Home Control

  •  unlock, control power from any where.
  • Monitor Power consumption  remotely
  • Prepaid meter function available.


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SwitchPas™ Shared Home Platform

  • Multiple key management
  • Remote Key management
  • Shared utility usage control
  • Access control for shared usage.
  • Billing generation for shared utilities.


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