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With our vast experience in embedded software development especially multimedia combined with our strong technology focus and innovative thinking, SASNEE can partner with you to build world class solutions.

Platform Support

Customer Board Bring up
Linux/Android/RTOS Porting on Customer Platforms
Device Drivers – Camera, Graphics, Display, Audio, Tuners
Boot-time Optimization & Power Management
CPU Architectures – ARM-Cortex M/A
On board Protocols – I2C, SPI, USB, UART and  CAN
Connectivity -Bluetooth 4.0, Wifi
Frameworks – ALSA, V4L2

sasnee embedded servicies

Post silicon validation

Functional  /IP validation
Blocks  like CPU, Video engine,
IO interfaces  like HDMI,CAN,  Ethernet ,SPI etc.
Board Bring up
Test case automation
Bare metal driver development
Firmware for functional, performance validation
Power and Performance validation
Electrical validation across PVT conditions
Power characterization
Power validation of subsystems
Standard  and custom bench marks
Power validation for various low-power states


Audio/Video Codecs Development & Integration on Multi Core architectures with HW Acceleration
Audio/Video Post -Processing
Pre Certifications  – Dolby , HDMI
CPU Architectures - DSP, ARM, Dynamically Reconfigurable cores
Multimedia Frameworks - Stage fright, Gstreamer, OpenMax
Streaming Protocols - SRT,  RTP, RTSP,  MPEG-Dash, HLS ,
DRM   -Merlin DRM


Internet of Things

Protocols  - MQTT, CoAP, Thread ,Matter
Stacks       - Wifi, Bluetooth LE
Cloud        - AWS, Azure

Application Software


Specialized in location based Bluetooth and other sensor based applications

NodeJS, JS,Jquery,Angular,React,D3
Java,Python,PHP,SQL,.net framework
Native Android Apps Development, Testing
Hybrid Apps on PhoneGap/Ionic Frameworks
Cloud Integration with AWS back-end
App Analytics, Store Optimization


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