Location Services

SASNEE Location System


SASNEE  Location system (SLS) uses the latest wireless technology to track and locate assets and people in indoor and outdoor environments.

The location information acquired is periodically processed and presented on various real-time and contextual maps that can be accessed over Internet by any connected device from anywhere and at any time.

Locate people or assets instantly

  • Deploy assets or people in real time to optimize resources and increase productivity.
  • Ensure the help reaches in time.
  • Finding assets or people is instantaneous.

Analytics for better work flow

  • Find the critical paths  in the system
  • Customer analytics to understand customer behaviour
  • Automatically manage scheduled jobs.
  • Alerts will be generated when scheduled jobs are not performed.
  • Connecting system generated events with jobs enables fully automates the works reduces overheads of management.

Surveillance of essential assets and people

  • Visitors or customers can navigate the big premises comfortably
  • Reach the designated places faster with help of indoor navigation.


  • Airports and auditoriums 
    • Locate people or assets instantly
    • Visitor assistance system
    • Indoor navigation
    • Work flow automation

    Retail and malls

    • Customer analytics
    • Indoor navigation
    • Work flow automation

    Community living

    • Locate people or assets instantly
    • Alert support staff instantly


    • Locate people or assets instantly
    • Work flow automation
    • Indoor navigation

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