Internet Socket


Internet Socket - IOT platform

A simple, easy to use Internet of Things prototyping and development platform. This uses ESP8266 - a highly integrated wifi SoC designed to provide full internet connectivity. This platform lets hobbyists and programmers alike to quickly build an IoT device without having to go through the intricacies of hardware design.

This board is designed and manufactured in India.


  • supports 802.11 b/g/n/e/i and wifi direct (P2P)
  • can be used to provide wifi connectivity to an existing system or as a standalone system
  • supports C and Lua based programming
  • supports OTA firmware upgrade


Home automation, Smart Plugs and Lighting, Sensor Networks. Our sample applications on Blinking LEDs, Internet switch and many more help you understand the capabilities of the system.

For Hobbyists

If you are a beginner or a hobbyist wanting to trying out a simple idea but has limited or no programming experience, Lua programming based development is suited for you. Read on for more details.


For Developers

For more serious developers or students, a C based Software Development Kit is provided by the makers of the SoC which allows programming the firmware. Read on for more details.




Popular Applications


Internet switch

Ping you over internet

connected counter

simple example using  MQTT

micro webserver

Access Internet Socket locally over  webserver

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